02.01.2005 || 01h13

rough week-end

I've had a really weird week-end.

A friend came up from NYC to confront the man who'd diddled his wife way back when we were living in the same building in NDG. We met the man and his fiancée at a Second Cup. It was actually a pleasant conversation between two guys who harboured no ill will towards one another, but everyone was talking about something painful as hell. Then he and I spent way too long piecing together events that are at this point completely stale. Then I remembered something the wife in question had givene me two days after I dropped everything to take her to the hospital one night way back when -- which coincidentally coincided (like that?) with the end of her affair. At the time, I thought it was an innocent little thank-you gift. I had no idea as to the timeline vis-a-vis affairs and such, seeing as I had no idea she was having an affair.

Anyway, I'm certainly not going to go into the details of everything that went down this weekend, save to say I took him to the Actress's birthday party and karaoke bar. We had a blast, which was good for both of us. One of the girls paid him a significant amount of attention, which helped his ego a bit, I think... but he didn't take it any further than flirting.

Anyway, later on we were at home and he was arguing on the phone with his wife, so I went to sit in the living room and prepare the couch so I could go to sleep (I was *not* brought up to put a guest on the couch, that's for sure), and I started feeling like utter shite. I have this fun little roller-coaster that I get to ride lately: I feel good about some of the stuff I'm changing or whatever, then I get a phonecall/text message/e-mail/smoke signal from Mysteria, and get depressed for a few days. Then I feel better again and get another verbal or text clobbering, so I feel bad again. I guess the timing of this visit was just really off -- I mean in that he didn't arrive at a point when I was feeling all that well myself. I still tried to be supportive while he was here, but part of me was relieved that he left a day early because I just felt drained.

Now, I'm going to sleep. I really need it.

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