01.30.2005 || 02h40

Gigging and stuff

Really good gig to-night.

we went to a different pub than usual, and one we won't get to play at very often, but that ended up being a really positive experience. I mean yes, the place is super small and the 'stage' is a patch of floor small enough that the band gets jostled on a regular basis, but the crowd actually responded! To music! Fer real!

Aside from that, we have a March full o' gigs. we have somewhere in the vicinity of five gigs within four days at St-Paddy's week. that means Bass paid off and something possibly laid on my student loan as well -- provided I can keep uninjured, that is...

In other news, a filmmaker friend arrives from NYC to-morrow to spend a few days before going off to LA to finish principal shooting on his film, and Stephen Harper's an ass.

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