01.25.2005 || 13h46

space is cool, Mystie's cool, and basses are cool.

So, somewhere on Titan, something's renewing the methane supply. The methane rains that cascade between mountains of water ice aren't it, seeing as UV rays destroy methane. The possibility of a huge ocean 300KM under the surface, teeming with hydrocarbons and possible life is enough to fucking enchant me, let me tell you. I hope they find something; partrly because I love this stuff and partly because I'd love to see the Mother Church try to explain *that* one away.

In other news, I've got my first voice lesson to-morrow -- well, that's not strictly true: I have my consultation to-morrow, in which we talk about why I'm there (I find singing scary and kinda unpleasant, and I have the devil's own time staying in tune), what I expect from him and myself, what kind of music I'm interested in doing, etc.

I'm also just finishing up the setup of the doomBook. Mystie came over so I could help her clean up and update her machine, and I figured I'd do my own while we were at it. It's pretty sweet because I'd forgotten that, when it's in good running order, this machine really moves. Anyway, that was on Sunday morning, I think. Maybe Saturday... whatever, the days are sorta running together, but the point is that we actually had kind of an okay time of it. It's a little weird that I wasn't uncomfortable around her so soon after leaving her. Kinda put me in a good mood, 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before notwithstanding.

Heh, except that the lucky (blue-haired! Yum...) biznatch got to take a nap while I was slaving away over her 'puter. I think she owes me one...

Uh, in other news, I'm waiting to get my arse paid by the magazine so's I can buy my new bass. Uh and Stephen Harper's an ass.

That is all.

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