01.18.2005 || 02h06

new starts etcetera

So I was putting my new 500-thread-count bedsheets on and replacing my pillows and re-organising my room at midnight; and Jazz was sitting in the kitchen and petting Diarmuid because I needed someone to just be here and talk to me throughout the housecleaning because it was freaking depressing, and I realised why I've been having such a hard time with being home without Mystie in my life: Because she spent so much time here I have almost nothing that I don't associate with her. That makes certain things feel weird, like when Jazz laughed at my clumsiness with the bedsheets and took them away from me to do it herself. That felt out of place because *Mystie* is supposed to help with the sheets. *Mystie* is supposed to sit at my table and flip idly through my magazines while I change my room around and be the one I call when the days get too hard. Of course, she's the reason the days got too hard, so I guess that's right out...
But really, life does in fact go on. I can't spend the rest of the year moping over lost loves and other tragedies.

So yeah, by the time I'd finished the room and Jazz had gone home, I was feeling better than I had for the past week, and I'm now in the beginning stages of that whole life reorg that I was talking about.

I *know* what the obvious question is, and no, there was no sexual healing involved. that's really not where I want to go with anyone who isn't Mystie, and it probably won't be where I want to go with anyone for a while -- if my usual post-breakup habits are anything by which to go...

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