01.07.2005 || 13h43


So to-day I feel pretty good. I've just spend the last few days relaxing a bit and thinking about a course of action for the next little while. I've gotten the names and numbers of a few shrinks, and I dusted off my screenplay. I'm not acting on shite just yet because I'm still not sure where the biggest priorities lie, but I'm figuring some stuff out.

I'm surprised by how much a shrink costs. $80 an hour seems like a lot to me, but I guess peace of mind is worth whatever you can dig out, right? And it doesn't end there: a friend's sister's shrink is $300 an hour. Granted, these girls are the sort who feel cheated if they *don't* spend too much on something, but still...

I could always see someone through Medicare, but I'm not sure if I want to spend 3 months on a waiting list, you know? Kinda wish I was still going to ConU; Sis says they have free services for the students there.

But nevermind. I'll worry about that when my week's vacation from life is over...

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