12.31.2004 || 13h07

new years plans

I seem to be one of maybe two people at CoffeeHellCo who didn't go to some other clime for the holidays, so I haven't had a day off since I essentially dumped my girlfriend. Ergo, I've been smiling and acting professionally friendly every day, while inside I've been eating myself alive. To-day, I actually don't have to go to work, which is nice, because it means that maybe I can just feel honestly crappy for a while.

I have as yet no plans for to-night. Scottish Legs says she's having a drop-by thing chez elle, but I've elected not to go because Mystie might be there, and I just don't feel... I dunno, actually. Maybe I've got all kinds of guilt or something. I don't want to cause any more stress than I already have, though. A couple of actors might have something to do, and Marvamillion got invites to a half billion parties; and his sister's in town, which is always fun -- but I think I might just opt for watching When Harry Met Sally with a bottle of wine or something. Well, I'm waiting on a phonecall or two, then I'll decide.

Fuck, I don't even know if I have the right to call her and wish her a happy new year.

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