12.28.2004 || 19h35


Okay, guess who's spending far too much time crying these days? Guess who outlined what he thought would be a great plan yesterday, only to see it go over like a lead balloon? Guess who can't blame her and knows *exactly* how it must've sounded? Guess who feels like the world can't possibly get any worse?

And then almost 60 000 people die and make all this seem kinda selfish.

But I still really hurt to-day. I've been missing her for weeks, but to-day she's actually not here. But I need this; I've got to rebalance myself for a while. I need some time off. Hell, I probably need to change a lot of stuff, and that's what I'm going to think about for the next little while. But As I told Air Force Girl last night, Mystie and I have been kicked to the kerb so much and so hard by 2004 that we don't even know how to stand up anymore. And how can you help support someone else when you're hardly standing straight up yourself? I need this so I can just love her without feeling resentment over so fucking much, and maybe give her the time to do the same.

But why the hell does the right thing often feel so wrong?

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