12.09.2004 || 10h39

dogs and stitches

I was woken up by a dream in which I was being attacked by a Rottweiler. I was holding him off with a tiny wooden stick by jabbing it at him, and he'd bitten off the tip and was bleeding from the snout because of the splintery bits left over. The dog was snarling and snapping and getting blood all over the ground.

My stitches didn't take. I'm still open all the way down, though it *is* actually healing. It's just taking its time about it. Oh and as a bonus, it's infected in the gross and oozing way. 10 days worth of antibiotics and a 20-minute saltwater bath every night. The nurse gave me enough compresses and shite for a week's worth of daily cleanings and bandage applications. And an appointment for to-morrow to see how 48 hours of pills and salt is working out for me. Though at least the stitches are gone.

This exhausts me. I want it to be over, or at least to have my cold go away...

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