11.29.2004 || 08h43

A few thoughts on the growing problem in the Ukraine

So, the current president of the US stole his first term with the help of a Supreme Court that was stacked full of his dad's friends and a television network that puts arse-kissing ahead of journalistic or content integrity. There are demonstrations, there are words bandied about, black congressmen and -women try to call the election results into question, but if you don't get a senator's signature, you might as well be yelling from the lawn. So nothing happens, then the non-president wins the *next* election as well.

The Prime minister of the Ukraine tries to hold on to power and move his country into lockstep with Moscow through kinda similar means, and ends up in a world of shite; mass demos in the capital vying with parliament's negation of the election and talk of referenda in certain eastern states for the role of 'biggest pain in the arse.'

Which just goes to say that the Ukraine is exercising more democracy than the US, and that makes America look stupid.

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