11.25.2004 || 16h03

A long walk home

Last night I was doing the 40-minute walk home from work in the pouring rain, Cyndi Lauper singing that she drove all night in my ears like she'd written it for me alone. I elected to wear my work hat home to protect my head a little. On the way, I was passing a branch of the *other* huge, nation spanning coffee chain, so I went in to get a mint tea to warm myself up a bit. The barista notice my hat and though it was funny that someone from huge coffee chain A would walk into the nemesis's locations and buy drinks. So cute, the young ones. They think it means something. I just laughed along, then continued on my midnight walk, tea and hat with their clashing logos giving *someone* pause, and Cyndi laupping her head off at me.

Getting soaked doesn't always suck.

||Gods save the Queen,

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