11.22.2004 || 10h23

Post-show blues

I don't believe it's over. For the last few months, we've been working so hard and getting in one another's faces and I've made on or two of my actors cry and none of us have gotten any sleep and then suddenly it was opening night. And now, four shows later, I got up this morning with no show to go to.

Yesterday's matinée was the best performance of the run. Kinda made up for the extremely rough Saturday night crowd. Note to self: a half franco audience means they're gonna miss all the verbal gags.

Anyway, after the show, one of my actors gave me a card to say that she appreciated my work and I cried like a baby because I've never gotten a card from an actor before, and just maybe because the stress and sleeplessness of the past little while has worn off some of my edges. At supper later (and then again at the post-supper drinks) I was struck -- the way I usually am after a show that takes this much to do -- at how all these people who *sorta* knew one another, plus all those who've worked together before became really close and kinda special the last couple of weeks before opening. Almost as if when we brought all our plays together into one space (after all those separate rehearsals), we were knitting the *group* together as well.

Post-show blues play an invisible rôle in every play that has a run of more than one or two nights. Just ask me about the Operatic Society one day. I know that. I also know that all those people I've spent so much time with only really know the acting aspect of one another. Doesn't mean it wasn't a blast to do, and doesn't mean that I don't miss the hell out of them to-day.

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