11.15.2004 || 23h45

impending opening night.

11.14.2004, 20h51
So yeah, I'm on vacation and everything so I won't snap in the middle of setting up the play that's opening Thursday, right?
Right, so right now, I'm about to go to bed at the ungodly hour of 21h00 because I open to-morrow morning. Turns out the usual opener needs to go to the aeroport or something. So I'm working 'til 15h00, then hauling my cookies to the theatre to help hang lights and crap.

11.15.2004, 23h45
Okay, I didn't need to haul my butt to the theatre right away. I only had to be there for 18h00, so I grabbed the chance for a last tea with the actor (who was in town for a couple of days) before she heads back to Toronto. We had tea, she left, I felt a little weepy. I never thought I'd miss her as much as I do, but I had to go be directorial, so I swallowed that shit and did my job.

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