11.02.2004 || 11h33

US election schtuff

One of the effects of there being a whack of Canadians serving as international observers in the US elections (which is a sentence I never thought to see, let alone use) is that we now have an extremely in-depth knowledge of how the US electoral system works. Okay, that *plus* the fact that Canadians as a whole are very plugged in to what's going on outside of Canada, and especially just to the south... The sum? The US system sucks, and they'd do well to look north for their cues. Cases in point: using 50+ different voting systems for a federal election is freaking ridiculous, eh? I know that state's rights are fairly deeply entrenched, and that expecting the states to give some of that up in favour of a unified voting system would be, er, naļve, but that'd definitely go a fair step towards cleaning shite up down there. For instance: the use, in Ohio, of the exact same hanging-chad-prone system as made Florida such a tragicomedy last time is a complete farce. I know that the international observers are there and all, but it just seems crazy somehow...
I dunno, why does a *federal* election fall under state jurisdiction? Well okay, why the hell is *criminal law* a state-level jurisdiction, but you know...

Next: the whole bipartisan election setup seems pretty balanced on paper, but I can't help but believe that Elections Canada's religious adherence to non-partisanship defaults to a more balanced way to run elections.

Yeah yeah where do I get off and blah blah blah. Well, I'll tell you that one for free: with the amount of control that Washington exerts on the world (and more specifically on Canada), we should be voting to-day too.

But no, I won't be watching the election on the CBC to-night. I won't be at any of the parties at any of the pubs or bars or houses in town, either. I'll be at CoffeeHellCo, site of many, many heroin shoot-ups and drunken brawls...

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