10.26.2004 || 00h05

Spaceflight, eh?

I think it's obvious that we're at the beginning of the Space Age. By this, I don't mean that the Yanks and the Ruskies are still trying to beat one another to the cosmos anymore; but rather the fact that the US is now just another country in space, joined a(and increasingly surpassed) by the European Space Agency, with its spaceport in South America. China is suddenly going into space as well, and as of to-day, so is Brazil. The planned Australian spaceport would bring the number of launchpads on the planet to a half-dozen. Added to that is the sudden advent of private spaceflight -- all of which is making NASA look like last year's homecoming queen.

I guess this is supposed to be exciting. Why is it that those of us who live through earth-shaking change never see it for what it is? Why is it only the eyes of posterity that can discern major shifts, decades or centuries after they've come and gone? I mean, it was precious few (I assume) who knew the industrial Revolution or the Age of Reason for what they were when they first shuffled in the door, right? I don't see why, although I guess I do. I mean that logically, of course. It doesn't sit well with me, though... You know?

I guess it's also hard to get excited about something I have no chance of every enjoying. Like, I'll never travel to the stars or anything, just due to the lack of technological mumbo-jumbo. So, the people who *should* get excited about this won't, because they'll be used to spaceflight, what with it having been developing for 50 years or whatever.

Bites my arse, man. It fucks me right green.

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