10.07.2004 || 01h40

Ships and sugars and theatre too

So, I'd love to be able to make fun of the fact that one of our new subs ended up burning and adrift just north of Ireland a couple of days ago, but the news that one of nine sailors who were suffering from smoke inhalation died while being transferred to a hospital in Sligo kinda kills off the goofy nature of the incident and replaces it with a certain embarrassing tragedy. I mean, we build great ships here, so why did we buy four second-hand subs from the Royal Navy in the first place? There's a certain WTF aspect to this that I ain't sure about. One would think that Canada was past the point of buying cast-off junk from the Mother Country by now. Crazy shite, that...
So my play was sold out both nights, which is cool. It was way better than I was expecting, which is sorta bittersweet. I mean, I always think it's going to go badly, so I don't force my friends to come. but then the play or whatever ends up being kinda good, so I feel bad that I didn't force people other than my poor girlfriend to come.
Anyway, I've another show going up for a week-ish in November. Tix are $10 and I say it'll be well worth the cash for any of you who are in or around Montréal in mid-November.
Oh, and space cotton candy? Apparently my sleep-addled mind was jamming on a newscast about scientists having discovered space sugars as elements in everything or somesuch. Mystie said so. She heard the same report, what with her having been beside me and all.
ho-hum. I wonder how Sis and the Slut are enjoying Vancouver...

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