10.02.2004 || 10h04

Life, the Universe, and Candyfloss

It feels like a decade ago, even though it's been less than a week. It's always hard to follow up such depressing stuff, not because of my 'public' or any such pretentious crap, but rather just for myself. Some subjects have the power to sort of stop the flow for a while.

Life goes on, of course, the sun continues to rise and set and the Earth continues its sweep around the sun. That's logic speaking, though; my relationship with logic can be a little strained at times.

For instance, my mental image of the spinning earth is always accompanied my a deep rumble, like there's a pivot involved somewhere, creaking under the planet's weight for aeon upon aeon. Never mind the basso whoosh it makes as it swirls through our tiny patch of space around the sun or the profound hum of the solar system making its ponderous way through another cosmic year. Everything has sound to me when I imagine it -- them -- in my head. It just doesn't seem right otherwise.

Oh, and about a week ago I had one of those half-waking morning dreams while the radio played me towards wakefulness: The Ceeb announced that scientists had found a huge mass of cotton-candy-esque matter somewhere in the galaxy -- closer to the centre, I think.

Okay, I'm a fool, but I looked at the CBC website, and the BBC one too (hell, I was even crazy enough to check NASA), but no cotton candy anywhere.

Dreams, man. Dreams...

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