09.17.2004 || 12h05

Politics, actors, and politics

You know, I wouldn't want to be Paul Martin. If it's not the Premiers working together to kick his arse, it's the leaders of the three Opposition parties in Ottawa working together as a co-Opposition to keep him running -- and keeping alive the very real possibility that he'll have to dissolve Parliament and call a snap election sometime within the next twelve seconds.

It seems that that's the way to make the Prime Minister do good things for the country.

I have to admit to a certain... ambivalence towards the special treatment for Québec, though. There's no guarantee that the money's going to go where it needs to be over here, and that pisses me off.


Auditions last night. I don't get why it's so hard to find male actors. I don't know if acting is less masculine or something, but it's always a problems finding a good male actor. Always. Women come out of the woodwork at the drop of the scent of the hint of a role, but guys? not the same story at all...

Anyway, I found one for my play, and the others got guys for theirs as well, so I guess it was a successful go.

but I still don't quite understand the male actor issue...


Oh, it seems that my copyediting's pissing someone off at the office. Apparently, the fact that I keep correcting products that are improperly named in her text (and backing it up with links to the products' websites) = stepping on her toes. I have it from a good source that she's writing snarkies on my edited text, *and* she wants me to call her so she can bitch.

Did you get that? She wants *me* to call *her.*

So my question is, do I wait for her to call me, just to show her that I'm not her lapdog, or do I call and be very nice and polite? I'd rather just tell her to put her claws away and be an adult, but you know...

but man, am I glad that I work from *home.* That kind of office power crap just pisses me off.

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