09.05.2004 || 01h56


Gr. I just got home from work. At 01h32. The boys are doubtless rocking the pub with the tunage and being admired by friends and strangers alike, and ol' gimpy here (read: me) is about to do a whole bunch of editing so that he (read: I) can start trying to get back into shape on the Bass to-morrow. Nothing too strenuous, I just want to see if I can press on the strings at all. To-day I discovered that I can maybe start playing bodhrán again if I do it lightly for now...

But I work kinda early to-morrow, so I've got to get these last few articles out of the way to-night.

Damn it, I'm frustrated about work. They're promoting a freaking illiterate to assistant manager, after another shift lead and I kept her afloat for a half year. I don't get it at all; I think I may not be mediocre enough to be treated well by this company. In fact, I think that my days as a CoffeeHellCo employee are numbered. I'm just not that careless with my pride.

Oh: speaking of CoffeeHellCo, guess who stood in exactly the wrong place to-night and got scalding water from the tea tap all over his formerly broken hand? Yeh, that'd be me. Skin's peeling a little, but I gritted my teeth and ignored it for the rest of my shift because (say it with me) there ain't no one to cover for me at our understaffed location. anyway, I think the skin peeled so easily because it was in a cast for like 3 weeks more than anything else. I mean, it's still tender, but I'm more winged than wounded, you know?

Okay, editing...

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