09.01.2004 || 23h37

cast away

I'm depressed.

I couldn't hardly sleep last night because the cast was coming off to-day. After all that, and waking up practically sick with anticipation, I sat in the hospital waiting room from 14h30 (my appointed time) to 17h05, when I finally saidf that I really had to go because I had a rehearsal. My answer was a shrug. I asked how the fuck I could get the cast off, to which the reply was a 'go to another hospital.'

Accordingly crushed, I left.

And tore the fucking thing off at the rehearsal with the help of a pair of scissors. I'd been told it was coming off to-day, and it was coming the Christ off.

the hospitals in this goddamned province suck. It's not fair that I should be in essence denied a good service just because I'm not leisure class. Normal people can't afford to sit around for a whole day in a waiting room where they can't even use their cellphones to keep the office or whatever updated. I can't believe it. I can't freaking understand it.

Anyway, cast free, I guess my mood got a bit better. After rehearsal, I ran to CoffeeHellCo to drop something off, then called Mystie to see about supper, but she was already going to eat with some work friends. We agreed to meet up later, but I called back and begged off after I did the math— for some reason, another night of seeing one another for four minutes before she has to sleep because of work just didn't appeal. I decided to celebrate my new cast-free status by seeing a movie, but nothing at either cinema looked compelling. So I rented the Other Side of the Bed (Yay for Sundance Channel DVDs), and came home to finish up some copyediting. Now, if I can keep my eyes open, I might actually get to *watch* the damned movie...

||Gods save the Queen,

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