08.29.2004 || 10h28

What a mess

Well, the Olympics are done, or at least, for Canada, the Olympics are over. At this moment, the last few events are going on, but we ain't in any of them. I'm glad the pain is over. This edition has been nothing short of a total rout for Canada. Man, this really shows us that maybe funding our athletes would be a *good* idea. Either that, or we just accept the fact that Canada excels at coming in fourth.

But biking, man! Shit, we were supposed to rule the mountain. Ryder Hesjedal's mishap is kind of the index case for the crap that's been happening to our bikers in the games. I think that Lyne Bessette could have been a contender if there hadn't been a crash about a half metre in front of her, for instance. And how Ryder managed to blow a tubeless tyre is beyond me. Maybe the fact that he was riding a prototype bike that hasn't seen the light of sales yet had something to do with that. Although the UK's Liam Kileen was riding the exact same bike (I guess it pays to ride on the Gary Fisher team), and he managed a fifth place finish, even after taking a nasty spill and spending much of the race at 20th place...

Anyway, it's as good as done, and Canada came in somewhere between Kazakhstan (who we beat) and Belarus (who we didn't). Yay us. At least we came in higher than Kenya...

But I made a little detour to CNN.com to see what their take on certain events was, and I think they need to learn that sometimes it's about sportsmanship, not about winning every gold so they can think of themselves as #1. I mean, crap like 'With a burst of speed in the final 30 meters, he almost made up the gap behind Lewis-Francis. If the race was five meters longer, he probably would have won...' is nothing but balm for the pride of a nation that truly believes that you don't win silver; you lose out on gold. And they wonder why no one *ever* believes that they ain't doping...

In happier news, the cast is coming off soon. Can't wait. The itchy part makes me ornery, the not biking thing makes me grouchy, and the fact that everyone I fucking know thinks I'm incompetent is just insulting. 01 September, man. 01. September.

If I can stay the course for that long. I tried to pull the cast off at work last night because it was so damned irritating.

Heh, the goofy bit is that the iPod I ordered so I could at least have music while I'm walking everywhere won't arrive until after I'm bikable again-- which kinda defeats the purpose. Oh well -- it's still going to be cool [sheepish grin].

Okay, 'nuff said. Gotta go to Maman's place for brunch.

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