08.19.2004 || 14h33

new cast

Got my new cast yesterday. Roommatette drew on it though, so it's not all pristine anymore. The doctor told me when to come back, but I had to ask again because I was distracted by a stunning black girl with a finger splint who kept giving me these brilliant smiles.

But man, being in the hospital exhausts me. I have a bit of a problem with hospitals anyway, so the entire time I'm there I'm running a controlled peaque. The result is that, by the time I leave, I'm just knackered, even though I haven't really done much of anything for the preceding five hours or so.

Anyway, I've also just gotten back from having the Orange Monster repaired. They didn't charge me, as it was just a question of tightening some stuff and re-seating the rear derailleur hanger. Now I'm home and thinking about getting to work on some of the massive mound of shite I've got to get done around here. I've decided to use my gigless time constructively, as opposed to sitting at the pub, drinking pints I can't afford and feeling sorry for myself. To-night, I'm going to finalise the website text and make a concerted effort to find that damned pic of Marv that I've misplaced (but need for the 'About Marv' page). Also, I'm going to meet Jazz for coffee because it'll be our last chance before she moves back to Québec City.

Yadda yadda yadda...

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