08.15.2004 || 10h57

first broken bone. Let's not do this again sometime...

Yep, I broke it. After 7 and one half hours at the Montréal General and several hours with a stupid cast on my arm, I can say with unequivocal assuredness the following statement: Typing sucks, getting dressed sucks, and I'm sure that a whole legion of suckages are just waiting to be discovered. Top of the list, though? Two things: I'm not allowed on a bike. Doesn't sound too huge, but there ain't much that I love more than being on my bike these days. I dunno, it's like I've re-discovered something, I guess. It's hard to explain because it has too much to do with the chiaroscuro world of feeling and too little to do with simple logic. Hell, the logic part's easy: I like biking because I'm not spending a billion bucks a month on busfare, and I've lost weight since starting, and it's a green method of getting my arse from point A to way past over there. I'm not so good explaining the nebulous stuff, but it goes a long way towards justifying a$1500 bike. To me, at least.

And the other primo, number-one suckatude about this? You have *no* idea how lonely it feels to be sitting at a table of friends watching your band play and aching for a bass. The feeling of having let the guys down just fucking kicks you in the gut and doesn't stop. Doesn't matter that it wasn't my fault, doesn't matter that I'm working hard on a band website or anything. And that's why for a brief period last night, I actually felt sorry for myself.

And that's some fucked up shit, dude.

||Gods save the Queen,

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