08.14.2004 || 01h12


In the vast pantheon of ironies, I think that there's a minor deity or demigod whose responsibility it is to make me, CF the Hundred and Eighty First, miserable.

To-day I was in a bike crash that left me with one and a half immobile fingers, a HUGE raspberry on my butt from sliding a metre or so on wet wood, and a mildly wrecked crank/derailleur duo on my new bike.

It went a little like this: It was pissing out, so I elected to take the bike path down by the canal ('coz it's safer, get it?), then cut up where it meets the bike path on Berry street, turning the corner onto Ontario, thence down St-Denis to work. There's a section where the path takes a 90-degree turn onto a wooden bridge, then another 90-degree turn before it runs fairly straight for a while before a dip and turn and yadda. Being a responsible biker (and knowing that wet wood is not completely unlike wet soap), I slowed down before taking the turn onto the bridge. Just as I was leaving asphalt and crossing onto wood, some chick comes booting it around the curve on the other side and straight at me. I try to swerve out of her way, the wheels swoop out from under me, I slide a metre or so across the bridge, and the bike doesn't just bounce; it ricochets off the guard-rail and back at me.

She didn't even stop.

And the stupid thing is, if I'd been on my goofy Gary Fisher, I probably wouldn't have gone down because I have road slicks on it. I'm thinking that, until I unload it, I'll ride the Gary when it's that wet outside...

So I worked a whole shift in constant pain to-night, though my finger finally moves, at least. I just hope I can play in to-morrow night's gig.

But you should have seen me hobbling to work... If it didn't hurt so much it probably would have been funny.

Okay, typing's hurting too, so buh-bye.

||Gods save the Queen,

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