08.09.2004 || 12h42

Cats, bikes, babies

So, Chouchotte's leaving. My heart's not broken and I ain't gonna miss the little fuquer at all. You see, when our hot new roommate moved in on 01 July (which is apparently only official moving day here in Montréal. You don't know what you guys are missing...) she brought with her this... cat. Who went on to piss on everyone's beds and half the floors. Then he actually *crapped* on her bed. Oh, and though he has no front claws, he kept attacking Tarot and Diarmuid. So, after he got the *other* side of Marv's mattress, it was decided that it would be best for all involved if Chouchotte left. Roomie's parents are here now to pick him up and drop him in the deepest pit of manure they can find for all I care.

Later, the landlady's coming by to do lease stuff, and Scottish Legs's husband is swinging by for a couple of hours because we never actually get to *see* him.

I'm also going to go for a bike ride, I think.

Oh yeah, I'm selling my Gary Fisher on account of my having bought a freaking gorgeous new baby. Man, this one's unreal.

But if I don't sell the Gary, I'm mildly fucked. The good news is that I ain't going to have trouble getting at least $500 for it... I mean, I paid $800 *three months* ago for it...

Sister's home from the hospital, so I guess the baby's 'eating.' Apparently there was an issue with her not wanting to feed. The Wicked Stepmum said that she had the same problem with Stepbro, and look how he turned out (as in, sleeping under rocks in foreign forests and killing people for Her Majesty's Canadian interests).


Anyway, I'm laundering all my stuffies because I figure I can pass a couple of them to the shorty.

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