08.05.2004 || 10h58

journals and thoughts and stuff.

woot. Got my new pedals. now all I need is a bike I actually like to put them on...

I was just flipping through my old Journal (as in, the one that ends on the 16 May 2004), and it's kind of an interesting read. I don't mean in that it's chock full of helpings of my profound knowledge or anything, but it's cool to sort of flip through all these thoughts and nascent poetry, punctuated by such things as 'How the hell am I going to beat this into a comprehensible poem?' or 'Shite, I can't remember which book I found this in!'

I mean, I recognise the handwriting. I know it was me, but everysingleday we develop into someone just a little bit new.

back then, I was still bitching to my boss that I wanted a bike again so I could get the hell off the bus and lose my expanding arse. now I've got one, but it's a real bitch that I can't wait to sell. Back then, I was worried about how the hell my girlfriend was going to live because I know how hard it can be to find an on-campus job. To-day, she's got one.


Okay, speaking of changes, about a minute ago I got a call from the Sis and the Slut. I ain't saying anything because it's not my news, but it's good. It's really good.

And it also makes the rest of this entry kinda pointless by comparisson, so, uh... yeah. Later.

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