07.18.2004 || 12h49

Cars, mikes, and a murder trial

I ain't going out until I have to. I got out of work at about 2-thirty in the AM, which means I didn't get to sleep until about 4-ish. Mystie woke me up at 10h, then again at 10h30 (I really needed the extra half-hour), but I'm still actually feeling sick -- which might partially be due to the hot , sticky weather. I don't weather weather very well. That, plus the added bonus that I start work again at 16h to-night rather than 17h means that won't actually be going to her places after all. I really need to try and take at least a small nap.

In cool news, the da and his wife just bought one of these. Well, when I say 'bought,' I actually mean 'made a down-payment and got onto a waiting list.' They're number 404 in the Vancouver area, so they should get the thing by the spring. Still, My da's going to actually own my favourite car. How many people can say that?

As for me, I've finally had it with trying to do the weird stretches necessary to hold my bodhràn up to it's mike while still singing into my vocal mike, and slapped a deposit down on one of these. I need to lose the second mike stand anyway, and whereas I think that the drum mike the Slut lent me is the coolest looking thing out there, we occasionally have trouble getting it to work.

Sounds like the Kazemi trial went less than swimmingly. I wonder if Ottawa's going to play nice-nice like they did over the other two Canadians abused by middle east governments, or they'll actually *do* something for once. This is fucking ridiculous. I'm saying nothing more about it, but trust me, I'm pissed. Man, the world just makes me sick sometimes...

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