07.15.2004 || 18h48


I freaking hate lists. hate them hate them hate them. That's not entirely true. my life is one long series of top 5 lists.

Here's one: if I was left to fend for myself on a desert Island, I would want the following things:

  • A bike. I would say my Gary, but knowing what I now know, I'd want a Rocky. Oh, and a full set of tools. I wouldn't want a flat or a fucked chain wrecking my life...
  • A pen with a lifetime supply of ink and a whole stack of notebooks.
  • A swack of books by the likes of Umberto Eco, Neil Stephenson, maybe a few W. Gibsons, and assorted other authors of note.
  • A. Bizzle. To. Bazzle.
  • A Café.

Anyway, I got a gig to-night, so I'd better go get ready. See y'all.

||Gods save the Queen,

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