07.12.2004 || 01h07

film set stuff

So, to-day at the film set solidified a few things:

  • If you see cops onscreen, 90% of the time, those extras (called figurants in French, BTW) are real cops;
  • You'd be surprised at how many large Hollywood films you see were completely french-language projects, aside from the producers, directors, and actors. Seriously, everyone from the extras to the chick blocking traffic at the end of the block is usually francophone around here, which makes for a really cool dual-culture dynamic on these big film sets.
  • No matter who the fem ale lead is, the assistant makeup girl is always always always the hottest girl onset;
  • Denise Richards is small
Aside from that, I got a mild case of heat stroke to-day, so I spent most of this evening in bed, then I went to help Best Friend close at CoffeeHellCo-- because he'd just worked my shift for me.

Okay, bedtime again. Night.

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