07.10.2004 || 12h04

Happy hot-arsed, humid-arsed day, diddly dude

Uh-huh. Yep. Exactly.

Oh, *and* I recently blew my front derailleur. I guess I'm going back to the bike shoppe for an upgrade. Suckerfucked it by toppling the bike, strangely. Not the usual way of knocking a derailleur to shite, but I think it was just where the straw met the camel's back -- I've had a couple of narsty spills lately.

I was at Galaxyrabbit's page last night, and it got me thinking about something: I think she's a freaking wicked looking girl, right? Well, right. But how often do you meet someone who looks great on, say a magazine cover but not so much in person? And we all know people who are freakydeaky stunning in person but turn into fucking quasimodo in pictures. Lucky are the few who can come through both real life and snappies unscathed. It might be that people get all stressed and shizzle when a cam gets turned their way.

--or maybe it's just that people's faces move so much when they're talking and breathing and alladat that we don't know how goofy they really look until they're frozen in time.

Right, on to bigger and better. Seeing Yossou N'Dour to-night. Thought I was working so I turned down the chance to do a gig, but told the other two that they could prolly pull it off as a duo. Turned out we didn't get back to the guy soon enough, so he gave it to someone else anyway, but *then* I found out that Bossman is closing for me to-night.

cf ' Uh, whyssat?'

Bossman 'Uh, 'cause you're seeing Yossou?'

cf 'Right. I , uh, knew that...'

Insert one sheepish grin and let cool. that was my night.

Oh, we also closed an hour early last night because I didn't know what day it was. Think I might be in troubs over it. I'm getting my sheepish grin back into focus.

This entry's just irritating, so I think I'll cut—

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