07.07.2004 || 01h32

musings on money

So yeah, as I was saying, getting my freaking page here updated is becoming an exercise in frustration. It's been several days since I've been able to get into the update page, because it seems that not paying for the use of this site makes me part of the Dland underclass. Honestly, Andrew; if I could afford it, I'd go back to paying. Really.

... which sounds pretty ridiculous coming from a guy who's updating from his front porch on a laptop which is connected through his wireless network while his sweeet ride cools off behind him.

The fact that I saved up for a year before getting the bike doesn't mean much, I guess. I mean, Lots of people could save up for *several* years and never scrape a thousand bucks together. I'm not that poor. I have been, but not for a while, and never the fuck again. And I stop every now and again to thank both gods that I've been able to get as far as I did, even if I then decided to become poor again.

Fuck, that sounds so self-righteous. But it's true: I decided to stop making a pile of dough every two weeks because I hated myself for every corporate-whorebag minute of it. i decided that writing and directing were more important, and I sometimes pay for that. I make decisions about wants versus needs more often than I once thought I would. The thing is, it doesn't hurt that much anymore.

Which for some strange reason reminds me, I think that these would make sweeet stage garb for the band. Anyone brave enough to disagree?

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