06.24.2004 || 11h21

Woke up to the CBC talking politics again...

Cripes, it's starting to look like a Conservative government this time. They've already said that they'll try to overrule the legalisation of gay marriage. that's on *top* of their hints that they'll reduce bi-lingualism. Oh, and so long gun registry... Oh, and the tax reforms they want to impose benefit men and the rich at the expense of women and low-income families.

Oh, and Conservative candidates have been heard saying shit like 'If they say they're personally opposed to abortion but they don't want to impose their opposition on society, ask them if they're personally opposed to child abuse, ask them if they're personally opposed to slavery.' Yep, that was Jason Kennedy (Calgary Southeast).

Ugh. I'm really pissed. Oh, and the kicker? 'Our party has said that there's not enough evidence in yet about global warming being a problem.' Thank you Tom Jackson.

Frick, this is ging to be a disaster. I mean, we know that Danforth's going to Layton, which is good for my guys but bad for the Green party because they've been dumb enough to run their leader in the same riding. We know that Broadbent's getting back in. The thing is, we need the other heavyweight onside (that would be Svend Robinson), but he's currently dealing with shoplifting charges dating from when he snapped under stress a couple of months ago. Yes, the NDP's a totally rejuvenated party, and they've got a way better platform than they did the last time around, but I just don't think it's going to be enough, not against the arrogant yet charismatic arseholes who've hijacked the name 'Conservative.'

I can only hope it'll be a minority government. Traditionally, minority governments in Canada last about 17 months.

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