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20 June 2004
Okay, Dland's got its head up its arse and won't let me update. Tired and bedward bound. I'll try this again to-morrow...

21 June 2004
Yesterday I went and did my civic duty. Westmount was one of 89 former cities (now boroughs) across Québec that held demerger referenda yesterday. I guess I should have expected it, but the freaking town went and voted itself out of Montréal with a resounding fanfare and a victorious rush of happy tears and handclappings.

I, of course, voted no.

And what we get back doesn't equal the former independent cities. Instead, we get anaemic burbs with two tax systems and more money being pulled out of the private arse. Oh, and as a bonus, the map of Montréal now looks ridiculous, with 16 cities where there was once one. Okay, and about 28 before that, but that's ancient history.

Ugh. We're not alone in this ridiculousness, though: the fine citizens of Longueuil, Mont Tremblant, Sherbrooke and Gatineau were all swept by similar waves of stoopidity yesterday, neatly re-making municipal messes where the PQ had streamlined and neatified (Okay, I voted against *that* as well, but now it's two years later...).

Fucking comical, these people. It was actually working.

To-day, an old lady told me to 'fuck off.' No joke. She was as old as the hills, and I almost double-took at the sound of it. Granted, I'd just clobbered her with my shopping basket in the fruit aisles, but still...

Funny link for the day. Oh, and you'll only get it if you're someone who knows that French and Québécois are different...

22 June 2004
I don't get it. freaking Gillet got a 30-day suspended sentence for buying sex with an underaged girl. It must be great to be fucking famous.

Hmph. Still can't update. By the time this goes up, it'll probably be huge...

Oh: the epic battle betwixt Maman and Mystie goes on, but with a twist: Mystie found a place, but she needs to find a co-signer since she's a foreign student with no job.

I think that if the bitter bag who is my mother wants her out so bad, *she* should co-sign, but I don't think that'd fly very well.

Of course, *I'd* do it, except that I had to pose as Mystie's landlord because neither of us trust Maman to give a good reference. Oups, heh...

You know, I don't get my Maman. She's sent more tenants screaming for the streets than anyone else I know, and in recent years her views have become Conservative in the most tasteless sense of the word. No, I don't mean that she believes in taxing the poor and paying the corporate whore, I mean the mean, bitter, and puritanical aspect. As a bonus, she talks bad about her kids' loved ones simply because we were bad enough to get serious with them. It was always like that I guess, but she's become so damned bitter that this aspect of her's been blown to almost caricaturelike proportions. She's very like her sisters that way: her whole family is made up of these ugly, prematurely old people who are being sucked into their own regrets and excising their tolerance by any means neccessary. Of *course* I'm cutting myself off from them. My own life's been bad enough that I don't need them dragging me back to the darkness where I used to live. I dunno, I just stop sometimes and thank the gods that I have my *father's* last name...

But you know? My grandpapa's family are a completely different and fundamentally pleasant story. Same last name, totally different experience, I mean *aside* from the fact that none of 'em speak English.

23 June 2004
Seeing as I have not allowed Cosmo to pollute my world-view, I do not share the current LCD-default philosophy that briefs are sketchy and funny. I don't enjoy them much, that's all. My preference for boxers is just that: a personal preference, and one that sits squarely on the good-sense side of the 'how does that feel?' fence.

However, the hereto unused briefs in my undies drawer have a new lease on life, courtesy of that very same comfort philosophy. You see, anyone who disses the tighty whitey has obviously never tried to put their widening butt onto a bike.

That's all I'm saying.

Apart form the following, that is:

'What the *fuck* is up here at Dland. Is there some stupid twelve-second update window at noontime or something? How come I haven't been able to bypass that ridiculous 'oupsie, we're overloaded' page for three days?'

Okay, end of rant... for now.

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