06.16.2004 || 01h05

tyres and coffee

Okay, guess who blew a tyre to-day? If you said 'cf-the-graceful', then you'd be right. Frick. It was either the pothole or under the bus, so I took the pothole.

I think I made the right decision.

So. $16 later I was at work, which was long as heck because people just wouldn't *leave.*

And of course people are idiots. Case in point: This guy came up to the counter at one point to ask for a spoon because the top of our honey bottle had fallen into his coffee. He complained about the quality of CoffeeHellCo's equipment and yadda and the situation slowly came into focus (I say 'slowly' because he was babbling in Joual, which is kind of like my third language; My comprehension is unimpressive at best). Turns out that the hole in the nozzle was 'too small,' so that when he squeezed the bottle with all his might, he fired the top right into his coffee.

what I *wanted* to say was 'Okay brainiac, let's not even touch on the disgustitude of putting honey in coffee. Instead, let's discuss your gluttonous and slapdash approach to buying and caring for your beverages. It's a café, fer chrissakes, not a coffee triathlon. Relax and take the freaking extra second to pour the honey like a human being.'

What I actually said was 'Oh, the hole's too small? Thanks for the heads-up. I'll send a memo to CoffeeHellHQ and see if we can't get them to switch to a more consumer-friendly model.'

I'm paraphrasing.

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