06.14.2004 || 10h17

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...


It's kind of crazy how well-filled the pub was for our gig on Thursday, since AC-DC were playing a free outdoor concert on the next street for Grand Prix week-end. I don't mean to say that AC-DC are a wicked band still pouring out the fruits of their youthful creativity or anything, but some bands accrue a kind of musical legend to the point where you've *got* to go if they're playing a free show on the street, just to say you've seen them.

Of course, nobody *could* see them because the crowd was so large, so I guess that our well-attended show wasn't such a miracle after all.

Life moves on in utter mundanity. Yesterday Jazz took me to Ikea because I wanted a magazine rack for the WC, and Mystie gave me her bank card an instructions on which pieces of a certain modular-as-only-Ikea-can-make-it computer desk she wanted. Jazz and I ended up spending a half hour scouring the warehouse for the parts in *any* matching freaking colour. Finally, Jazz looked at me and sorta said 'what now?' (I'm translating from French) I said 'Now I call my sweetums and ask.' (I'm translating from French)

So Mystie's going to call in the order and ask if we can go pick it up-- the delivery charge is 50 Loonies, so this becomes worth it pretty fast, you see...

Brunch with Monstre and her hubby to-day. A fine time as always. I'd tell you what was said, but then I'd have to shoot you.

And to-night is yet another closing shift at CoffeeHellCo. At least I don't have to bike through piles of American obnoxities and their plastic girlfriends because the Grand Prix bullshit's over.


I think the whole summer allergies thing is overrated. Man, if I'm this sneezy and sniffly and eye-watery *with* pills, I shudder to think how things would be if I weren't taking Claritin.

Or maybe I should try a different box of pills.

It's pissing me off this morning, though, because I have to call a woman I don't know and set up a meeting pertaining to film stuff, and I have to do it with all this sniffling, sneezing crap going on,

First impression's done already, at least...

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