06.10.2004 || 00h54


This morning, Mystie and I were in the shower, and I happened to bring up how sorry I felt for baby Bear. You know, the one whose food and belongings all got pillaged by that bitch who goes by the name 'Goldilocks?' I said how sad I'd always felt for Baby Bear because he'd never done anything to deserve to go hungry. He'd been outside with his family, catching salmon or eating berries or something, then when he came home, he had no lunch and his stuff was either busted up or occupied. Man, I can still imagine the tyke huddled over the pieces of his chair and crying into his little paw, mystified as to what was happening to him.

Mystie, for some reason, found this funny.

'Hey,' I rejoindered 'you're laughing at a childhood scar, here.'

Which she found even funnier.

I still think that Mommy and Daddy should have held the hoor down while baby helped himself to her fucking larynx.

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