06.09.2004 || 01h19

Some stuff about spending less than I thought I would...

To-day I finally called and left a message with the person who wants to DoP my movie. Hopefully she'll call me back soon so we can have a wee meeting. I'd like to get started on the next stage of the film; and I figure that once I know what camera she wants me to get, I can start filling in a preliminary budget. I also know that I'd better get a move on, as the last movie she worked on (albeit in the second unit) won an Oscar, so she might be getting bajoolians of contracts soon...

I hope so for her sake, but I hope not for mine. How's that for a dichotomy?

Oh, to-day I gave in and ran back to the bike store to change the seat. I walked in and said 'last week I bought this fine machine, and so far I love it -- with the exception of this excremental seat. Can I trade it in?

Now my bum's way happier, and I got a $50 seat for $15. Hell, they even tossed in a set of reflectors for free. How do you like *them* apples? Eh? Eh?

Then I ran over to Atmosphère on St-Denis and noticed that there were some helmets on sale for just over half price, so I tossed my heat sink and got a helmet that *won't* fry my brain pan all summer.

Then I ran to work.

Oh, I also submitted a half-dozen poems to Event. I'll find out in about three months if they liked anything. I'll keep you posted, but *please* don't hold your breath -- you'd get brain damage after an hour or two.

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