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Childish musical politics

Imagine how different things would be if Metallica had been a religious children's group?

'Well, little Ralphy's still loving Raffi's work, but Todd's moved on and now he just can't stop singing "Pastor of Muppets."'

I bet Sharon Lois 'n' Bram'd shit themselves, though whether that would be from fear or laughter is anyone's guess.

This is the kinda crap that slips in through the transom when I'm not looking now that Sister's got a bun in the oven.

In less stoopid news, I'm grooving on my new bike. I'd almost forgotten how much I loved having wheels. To-day, Mystie and I rode from Atwater Market to the end of the LaSalle Arboretum and back, before I biked my bum to work on the other side of town. There's something magnificent about pumping away on a really good machine, too. The last bike I used was a tonne-and-a-half of SuperCycle hell with big, knobby tyres and a penchant for squeaking when I least wanted it to. THe fact that my current ride is lighter than the saddlebags I use is, well, kinda cool. It also lifts me clear of the 'Canadian Tire' school of bicycle purchasing, which is even better.

Okay, *and* there's the fact that since I no longer feel like a total slug, my sex drive it toying with the idea of coming back. I'm pretty sure that Mystie won't mind *that* a bit...

OKay, I've *got* to say something poilitical, since it's election season here in the Great White North:People with brains will vote Liberal, people with heart with vote NDP. Period. There's no other way to go about it this time. The NDP's shot themselves in the foot by promising to re-visit the whole Québec issue if they get in, but it's all just talk; they'll never form her majesty's government in Canada. Ain't gonna happen. Also, they've done all their best work without ever even having been the Official Opposition (by which I meant giving Canada things like Welfare and Medicare), so I don't think they even need to be in the big seat in order to make the country better.

Okay, then there's the fact that I just *like* Layton. He's the most charismatic politicial on the left since Broadbent and Svend Robinson, he's the head of a party whose members have created much of the Gay Rights legislation in Canada, and well, unlike his two predecessors, he actually seems to know what's going on in this fucked-up country -- aside from the dumdum feelgood approach he wants to take to the 'Québec question,' that is. And as for the moustache, Canada's been fucked up and over by smooth-shaven types for the past four Prime Ministers (well, the one who was female didn't really have a choice), so I think that maybe it's time to let someone with a little individuality give it a try for once...

As for the Liberals, well, they've been in power too long and they're corrupt as hell, but they're the only hope for keeping the same-sex marriage laws on track, ditto de-criminalisation of pot and the gun registry (all this because the NDP's really only going for Official Opposition). Of course, they'll also starve our military right out of existence and buy into the US's silly Star Wars plan, but nobody's perfect. Too bad I hate them, but let's face it, the Conservatives will kill same sex marriage and curtail bi-lingualism, as well as other myriad US-style shite that I just couldn't handle.

And of course, the Bloc's just ridiculous.

And though I appreciate the sentiment when people really *do* throw away their votes à la Bloc Pot or Natural Law or whatever, that just irritates me, because I don't really see voting as being a *total* joke.

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