05.25.2004 || 02:45

Screenplays, Music, and TeeVee (oh, and I'm, a year older, too)

Bless me, Dland for I have sinned. It's been 5 days since my last confession. In those 5 days, I have(ul>

  • had the audacity to turn 32;
  • played around for a total of 5 minutes on the new MIDI keyboard that Sister, the Slut, Mystie, and Marv gave me as reward for turning 32;
  • hosted a roaring party full of great looking girls (I still don't know why more of my male friends didn't show up) for my turning 32;
  • worked a national holiday;
  • dealt with the fact that CoffeeHell didn't have any hot water (or water at all in the bathrooms or back area) or sound system to-day;
  • went to a good-bye party for a buddy whose got (not one but) two plays being put on at this year's Stratford Festival;
  • and finished writing the goddamned screenplay with the Marvsmeister (about an hour and a half ago).
  • Some of that screenplay's still rough, but it's freaking done. now we have to basically look it over and change a buncha stuff, then have a reading done. That being said, we actually got from the start to the end, and that's just great. We're good people.

    Oh, we also drained a couple of really nice bottles of Port (writing's thirsty work) and watched the end of Angel.

    Okay, if you ever feel like disappointing two Angel fans, just end the series the waythey did. It's obvious that they compacted the entire (planned) last season into the last two episodes' worth of the (planned) penultimate season, then left us feeling cheap and used. I don't blame Joss, I blame the Powers that Be for cancelling the series a year early. Now I have nothing to watch, *and* I was left cold by the end of my fave show. I'm gonna have to go howl at the moon or something. Right now.

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