04.25.2004 || 23:54

A beautiful wedding and a righteous keyboard

Back from Monstre's beautiful wedding. Also, hoping to hell that *some* of the pictures turned out okay. The light changed quick as hell... Anyway, it was terrific, the place was pretty as hell, and at one point I was standing at a bonfire and wondering when the hell was the *last time* I'd stood next to a bonfire. I'd also forgotten that firelight turns every woman into an angel...

highlights include seeing an entire table's worth of guests troop back into the feast tent after taking a dip in the lake at 5 degrees celsius; seeing a boatload of goth-types get their dance on to Spirit of the West's Home for a Rest; touching base with a lot of 'the guys' from the MTL crew -- I've lost track of most of them, and they're just crazy enough for me; seeing Monstre and her man again, just because it never happens anymore... I dunno, I guess I can't really list everything I loved about it because I'd get the damned carpal tunnel acting up again and everyone else would get bored.

Mystie and I stayed at a super nice B&B, too. All in all, it was great to get out of town for a little while, and to see people I hadn't seen in about a bajoolian aeons, and fuck, just to relax for a few hours.

But by some weirdness of car rental company fuckups, we ended up driving to the wedding and back in a PT Cruiser, which Mystie used to nearly toss us into a ditch just as we arrived at the B&B.

but it was a blindingly expensive week-end for us, so I think we'll be eating *in* every night of the next hundred years or so ;-)

So, I'll be 32 in less than a month. I guess I'm supposed to feel something about that. It's weird how little I care about my age, especially as I let age count in terms of relationships and such. For instance: a fundamnetally hot girl can't be truly attractive if she's only 19 or 21 or so. The headspace is just so unattractive to me. Doesn't that mean that I'm supposed to be fixating on the passing years or something?

Instead, I'm fixated on this keyboard. I'm also fixated on the fact that the listed MSRP is only about $10 less than what the Canadian Apple Store charges for it. Apparently, the Manuf's suggested retail price doesn't mean shite to resellers. No complaining here, of course... Hell, I can practically ask for the thing for my B-day, at the price.

But yeah, at $140 Canadian, I can even save up a few weeks' worth of tips for it. Part of the plan to get a Mac-based music studio going, I guess. Partly, I just want to use the copy of Garageband that came with my iBook to create roughs of songs for the band. We aim to do *some* original stuff, at least, and it'll be nice to be writing again. Seriously, I haven't been this serious about music in years. It's not like I'm going to abandon my filmmaking dream for it, but I sure as hell want the band to do the theme song for the movie I'm working on now, as well as gig as much as we possibly can, make a quintillion dollars, sell triple platinum in the US and retire to a private island populated by nubile Salma Hayek lookalikes.

I figure the keyboard is a start.

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