04.23.2004 || 11:45

More UN embarassment and some music too

So, the fact that one jordanian and two US soldiers were killed while on UN policing duty in Kosovo a few days ago doesn't really surprise. It's a dangerous job. THe fact that they were shooting at *each other* is freaking weird, though. They *say* the yanks were taunting one of the jordanians to the point where he finally flipped and fired on them. They *say* it was about the middle east. I say that it's embarassing that the guys who are supposed to be keeping the peace in an already tense region are shooting each other.

So, we did our first real gig last night (I can't really say that St-Patties was our first official gig, because it's hard *not* to get hired for St-Pat's), and it went over way better than I was expecting. If the management liked us, we can have thursdays evey week, but if they didn't like us, that was our one and only gig at McKibbin's. We did our best, so now we're just waitin to see if it was good enough...

But lordy, am I tired this morning.

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