04.17.2004 || 14:09

Svendm Mystie, other shiznit.

You know, I have to say that the current firestorm surrounding Svend Robinson makes me really sad. Not because I think that he is above such things as paying for one's mistakes, but because we desperately need him in Ottawa. It was his private member's bill that put crimes against gays and lesbians right alongside violence against visible minorities in the 'Hate' section of the criminal code. He also helped bring people's attention to many, many of the injustices that were hitherto going unchecked up here in the frozen northland. He pissed off Ed Broadbent by heckling Ronald Reagan while he was addressing parliament in 1987, he was tossed in the clink for protesting the Clayoquot Sound development, he got shot and tear-gassed at the Québec City SUmmit of the Americas... Oh, he also survived a long fall while hiking a decade and a bit ago, crawling back to safety out of love for his partner, Max.

He's been working on Gay rights since his coming out on National TV in 87 or 88, and he hasn't lost an election since 1979.

So, seeing him crying on Max's shoulder and being comforted by fellow NDP-ers while he announced his medical leave and his crime was a bit of a heartbreak for me. Because I still believe in him with everything I've got.

On a lighter note, Mystrie got some good news from school to-day, and good news in any form at all is welcome as far as I'm concerned.

She's durrently banned from my place because Marv and I have a gig next week, and if she gives us her epic cold, we'll be forced to kick her little booty back across the border, so I congratulated her over the 'phone, when I suppose a celebratory fuck would have been more appropriate. Oh well...

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