04.02.2004 || 18h53

Screenplay problems perhaps ironed out.

Yeah, I know: second entry in one day. I'm making up for lost time, okay? ;-)

A few clicks started clacking in my head during a conversation Marv and I were having with a former roomie a few days ago. I mentioned that I have to speak to a Mountie I know about arrest processes and stuff, and he asked if it was for one of my currently dormant screenplays or for something else. It jolted the wheels in my head into action about *our* project instead. I absently said 'yes' because it was simpler than saying 'crap, I've got an idea' in front of a guest. I've been working on it ever since (minus the time sucked away by that damned book, of course). I think this will solve all the annoying little questions I couldn't answer. It's a big freaking change, and it means re-workign stuff a little, but it's do-able. I'm going to get something recogniseable worked out before I speak more on it, though. I think this will work.

And I don't see why I didn't get this idea before.

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