04.02.2004 || 12h50

Words, words, words...

You know, I tend to agree with my sister when she says that she dislikes (to put it mildly) fantasy novels written by women because they tend to over romanticise. I'll go further, actually; I don't tend to like much fantasy at all, though I'm not illiterate enough to decide what I like going by genre-lines. I'll read anything that sounds interesting, which is why my personal library includes such disparate stuff. I try to keep it organised by subject -- or subject area, I guess; all my history of English stuff lies in the same area (emphasis on Old English), my Canadian lit is all together -- sort of. It get's confusing, because I don't know whether Voltaire's Bastards should go with CanLit (John Ralston Saul being the Canadian viceregal consort) or next to Rousseau and my copy of The Worldy Philosophers. Similarly, Banana Toshimoto obviously goes with Mishima, but do I keep Joy Kogawa and Evelyn Lau in with CanLit, or do I mash everything Asian together, no matter the nationality or hyphenated nationality?

William Gibson and Bruce Sterling definitely go together, as they were the centre of the Cyberpunks, but if I put Neal Stephenson (who is definitely the king of the post-cyberpunks) next to Gibson, will they scratch each other's eyes out?

I'd like to put Camus in a 'Fucking Depressing' section, but then I'd have to move the Mishima.

Tangents aside, I really don't have a lot of Fantasy. I'll suck down anything by Guy Gavriel Kay or Tolkien, and I've got a slowly fading love of Charles deLint, but that's about it.

So I haven't written a freaking word of my screenplay or prospectus this week because a co-worker passed me an over-romanticised fantasy book by Jacqueline Carey that became my talisman of time suckage. Thank the gods I finished the fucker. She'd better not lend me the second book.

--unless she really wants to.

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