03.27.2004 || 02h01

The US, The evil girlfriend, and a few slices of pizza.

So, as expected, the freaking US vetoed the UN security council's resolution damning Israel's extra-legal assassinations. Fuckers. They're just begging for more terrorist attacks on US soil. Maybe they'll use *those* as fuel to take over a few more countries as well...

In other news, I spoke to Best Friend about his girlfriend and his plan to move in with her. I was hyper unconfrontational about it and I made it clear that we are all concerned about him, not looking for excuses to bash her. We had a long talk; some of which floored him, some of which he held his ground on, and some of which consisted of him deflecting my questions. But he knows what he's in for and he's walking in with his eyes open.

And he wants to have a dinner party so that we can all get to see the softer side of Satanette. :-/

So then Marv came home from work and we drank a lot of beer, ate some pizza and watched a few episodes of Angel.

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