03.21.2004 || 01h53

Freaking stupid conundra

Okay, I have a major problem, and I have *no* idea how to deal. Best Friend is about to get his arse into a load of debt so he can put his chippie through vet school.

The problem is that they haven't been together very long, and he's already moving in with her -- to help her with the rent, presumably. He's already bought her a winter coat and other clothes. Oh, and he's flunked a class because she's a major drag on his time.

She treats him like shite. I mean it. She insults his weight in front of people, then insults the people in turn. She went to my sister's wedding dressed like a whore, then dragged Best Friend off to a birthday party. It's possible that she was using the wedding as a way to get to Ottawa (and the party) for free.

And I don't even really think he *likes* her.

but it's been a few years since a girl's looked at him that way...

I know I have to talk to him, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to take it well, and he's probably going to see a lot less of me after this.

I hate that fucking girl.

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