03.18.2004 || 08:50


Dude, Alfonso Gagliano's in shit. I wish I was going to be home to watch the hearing *just* so I could see that fucker squirm in front of a parliamentary comittee. I mean, great, he's all about 'noboddy wanna associate wit me no more' and all, but there's $100 million gone, $100 million that was paid out by anyone in this country who pays taxes.

And you know? I guess it's cool that the heads of Crown Corporations have been fired over this, and I love the fact that Gagliano's *finally* going to have to pay the piper over *something* he's done, but I can't help but feel a little cheated. I mean, if I'd defrauded the nation of anything *near* $100 million, I'd prolly be going to gaol. Yet, the Prime Minister passes on all the blame to the Gag-man, who ends up in front of a committee *even* though Paul Martin was minister of finance at the time of the questionable payments, and the corporate whores who made all that money while doing nothing got fired. Hell, even the Gagster will prolly get away with being fired. Maybe fined. And even if he goes to gaol, he should *definitely* be sharing a cell with Paul Freaking Martin.

but no. Paul says that Ottawa's going to change come hell or high water, then enacts a bunch of rules and shit to clean the placeup *after* he's gotten away with all sorts of crap.

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