03.14.2004 || 19:04

St-Pat's, eh?

Okay, I signed up for the book crossing thing too. Mystie and I heard the Official Ceeb Nerd yapping about it to-day. Kinda reminded us more than showed us something new, but hearing someone actively be enthused instead of coming across a webside really changes stuff. So we signed up.

Then the Slut, Marv and I went and did a gig at a local pub for St-Patty's. memorable moments: a two-tonne girl in a spaghetti strap camisole bumping and grinding against her *way* lithe-r (?) friend; A simply fantasic looking girl *right* in front of the stage getting beer wiped off her breasts by her boyfriend (we think), then just whipping off the offending sweater; Another fantastic looking girl in a white camisole dancing her best bump-n-grind to our tunes; Some blond bimbette careening headlong into our mikestands halfway through 'Home for a rest;' Drunken fratboys from Bishop's breaking two bottles of beer and one of Amaretto all over the floor; Some dude from Ireland getting up onstage with us to play the extra bodhran -- and sucking; Some dude from Nova Scotia singing a few songs, then giving shout-outs to Bishop's and being answered back by irate Concordians and McGillians; My girlfriend actually coming into a *pub;* and us doing well enough to be paid extra.

Oh, and an old, old friend showed up, not knowing who would be playing. I'm gonna call her to-morrow.

I owe thanks to friends for coming to a place they never would have come to -- girlfriend included, plus endless mercis to Sister for getting us the gig. Plus even more to a friend of Marv's for coming to take pics.

But now, I have to take a nap. I'm at work now (couldn't get the night off), and I've gotta lose the headache. I'm not so good with the whole smoky environment thing anymore, it seems...

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