03.06.2004 || 10h31

A few stray thoughts about the Drawer Boy

We saw a beautiful play at the Centaur last night. But sad. It really played a lot with loss.

I don't know why, but loss always kicks the hell out of me. Not the immediate loss of a character dying so much as the residual pain it can still cause years later; lessened by time, but still lurking under the surface. Death or loss don't stop the world from moving or the sun from rising and setting; hell, to most of the several billion people on the planet, one death or the end of a relationship are beyond unimportant, even thought the people involved often feel like it's the end of civilisation.

I don't know why I'm so affected by plays and stuff that deal with loss, but I've got a pretty strong (yet sneaking) suspicion that it's self-centred: Maybe I just hate the fact that when I die, the people who consider me important will be sad for a while, then move on.

Freaking ego.

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