03.04.2004 || 10h14

A few dark thoughts about Abdurahman Khadr

Even though I think that the US is actively backing institutionalised terrorism in the form of stuff like, say the recent Israeli missile strike against a car carrying crazed palestinian terrorists (In the civilised world we arrest people like that and put them on trial), that's a *long* way from saying that Al-Qaeda isn't a bunch of murderous loonies.

Further, whereas I know more than the typical CNN aficionado -- in that I know better than to confuse the Taleban (who were the official runling pary and defenders of Afghanistan) with Al-Qaeda (who are a bunch of murderous loonies), that's a *long* way from claiming that Al-Qaeda is doing anything of worth.

Hense, it is both ironic in a beautiful way that the US occupation of Iraq has given Al-Qaeda the run of the place in exactly the way that Saddam would never have tolerated, and troubling as hell that an openly Al-Qaeda sympathising family is allowed to live, unchecked in Canada.

While I listened to the bit about Abdurahman Khadr on the Ceeb to-day, I was struck by the openness with which his mother and sister sang the praises of the shaheed way of life, and of the family's patriarch, who was recently killed in Pakistan.

I don't believe that becoming a Canadian citizen has to strip you of your former culture and ways of life. I was brought up to see that as yet another way we are different (dammit) from the U-S-of-A, but I've read the oath. I know what you swear to when you become Canadian. There's a point about loyalty in there, and the Khadr family is openly flouting that. And even if Abdurahman's story about working for the CIA to get out of Guantanamo (I'n *really* simplifying here) is true, that means nothing. His family openly stands against what Canada represents.

And there should be a penalty for that. There should be a mechanism in place for stripping people of their citizenship.

I have never believed that before, and I hope that, by the time to-morrow comes, I never will again.

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