03.02.2004 || 10h23

Mystie, Sister, writers, and Jazz

Okay, so $300 (that I don't have -- my next phonebill's going to be a monster) later, my new phone should arrive to-morrow or the next day. Drag. But *contactable* drag, and that's a plus. Heh, it makes the $50 I pledged to Sister's iPod fund (it was her birthday yesterday) a little harder to come by, but it's all in the name of the light side.

Aside from that, I'm having a writer friend (with whom I published a chapbook once upon a time) over for supps to-night. Small snag: he's going to be arriving about 15 minutes after Mystie's class ends, so I guess I'll be cooking alone. Wouldn't be a prob, except that we're using one of her recipes. I really wish I could keep Mystie's school schedule straight. I also really wish I could keep her from descending into her own little hell these days. The whole January/february circus of pain's been bad enough on me without having to wonder how she's doing as well. Tyhe problem is that it's esceedingly hard to show someone that no matter what, we'll find a way through x, y, or z (immigration stuff, school stuff, the fact that everyone she left behind in the US is a thoughtless schmuck who doesn't seem to want to go the extra mile to even call her) when you're just trying to stay afloat yourself.

Yesterday was big, though. March brought with it a change of weather that just kicked me back into shape. I hope I can hold onto that for a while.

Oh, Jazz is in town. She came by CoffeeHellCo to study for a while, and we chatted a bit on my break. Well, okay: she showed me a slideshow of the Law Games she went to in Halifax with her classmates a couple of months ago. She doesn't remember much... Freaking law students, eh? It's all about beer, I tell you. Anyway, we planned to have tea on Wednesday. Someone remind me to bring her a copy of our CD.

OKay, nowIgottarun. I'm meeting Mystie for munch in about twelve seconds, and I still ain't bathed

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